Streaming Videos

Behavioral Tech offers a range of videos for clinicians and consumers to purchase and stream online. Choose from our popular recordings of past webinars featuring DBT experts, videos that teach DBT Addiction skills, and more.

DBT Addiction Skills with Dr. Marsha Linehan

Learn DBT skills that have been used in the treatment of individuals with a variety of addictions. These videos are appropriate for anyone seeking to learn or teach these skills. These five, short videos feature Dr. Marsha Linehan teaching each of the DBT addiction skills. Rent each video for $2.99 or purchase for $6.99 per video.

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Webinar Recordings with DBT Experts

Behavioral Tech offers an ongoing series of webinars that provide an overview of special topics in DBT. Purchase a webinar recording for $34.

DBT Educational Videos for Clinicians

Learn and reinforce DBT strategies with our most popular DBT training videos for clinicians, which feature Dr. Marsha M. Linehan and other DBT experts. Our DBT at a Glance videos and the Sitting in on Therapy with Dr. Marsha M. Linehan (SIOT) series are now available for on-demand streaming.

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Videos for Clients and Families

Our most popular DBT Skills training videos are now available for online streaming. Learn and reinforce your DBT Skills with videos featuring Dr. Marsha Linehan.

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Behavior Therapy Lessons with Dr. Marsha Linehan

It is essential to have a solid applied understanding of the Behavior Therapy paradigm before venturing into the room with a client to do CBT, DBT, or many other evidence-based treatments. Learn from Dr. Marsha Linehan as she introduces you to behavior therapy. Rent each video for $3.99.

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